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Rational Tutorials provides best teaching, guidance and environment to every student so that they can perform to their optimum potential and succeed in achieving the goals that they have set for themselves and thereby becoming number one choice of both students and parents.

Let's share Our Mission with you....

Our Aim ...

Rational Tutorials aims to provide best teaching, guidance and environment to every student so that they can perform to their optimum potential and succeed in achieving the goals that they have set for themselves

Our Vision ...

Rational Tutorials has a vision of becoming the leader in competitive exam segment. We strive to become the brand that resonates with delivering the best quality teaching to students and become the number one choice of both students and parent..

Our Ideology...

Rational Tutorials ideology can be summed up perfectly by a famous quote by Sir Albert Einstein, If You Can't Explain it Simply, You Don't Understand it Well enough..At Rational Tutorials we strive to make teaching as simple as it can be so that the child enjoys his studies and in doing so produces good result.

Our Uniqueness...

Rational Tutorials is an institute founded by IIT Bombay Alumnus and has distinguished IITian Faculties and Academicians who have themselves appeared in JEE and have cleared JEE with flying colours. Moreover our faculties, besides having ravishing qualifications,have nearly decade of experience in teaching and mentoring students helping them in making it to the top colleges like IITs, NITs, BITs among engineering and KEM , GMC and other prestigious top medical colleges of India and abroad.


Prof. Vinit Singh (B.Tech, IIT Bombay)

Dear Students and Parents, First of all I would like to express my gratitude for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to talk about our Institute.With over a decade of experience in mentoring students for exams like IIT JEE, JEE Mains, BITs among other I have experienced that few ill-practices are followed by almost all institutes.A few of these are as listed below:-

Mass Tutoring:- Batch size of nearly 50 students and even upto 100 students at a times.

Rational Tutorials’s Edge : We have a strict policy of admitting only 25 students per batch.

Incompetent Teachers : Many of the institutes around Mumbai have faculties who themselves have never competed or even cleared competitive exams like IIT JEE, JEE Mains among other.It would not need a lot of convincing to justify that they can never produce the best results.

Rational Tutorials Edge : All our faculties are IITians and Accamedicians who have themselve cleared IIT JEE,JEE Mains and other exams and have vast experience in teaching and mentoring students.

Demotivating Faculties : When it comes to emphasize the importance of motivation for a student especially when he is preparing for JEE or NEET whatever said will fall short. In an exam where roughly 13 lakh students are competing for a few thousand seats in top colleges like IITs , NITs or top medical colleges, constant motivation acts as a fuel to drive students to develop persistence and follow discipline. And in my experience I have seen that many of the faculties are highly demotivating and sometimes their behavior ruins the confidence of a child.

Rational Tutorial’s Edge : The attitude of the faculty is a major factor that is considered other than knowledge and teaching skills while hiring a faculty.We make sure that teachers at Rational Tutorials are highly motivating and encouraging. Focus Only On Bright Students:-This is a common fact across institutes that the few chosen ones are given all the attention and the other students who also are good at studies but are treated as “less equals” The irony is that it is these students who need more attention on the first hand would have done well if provided adequate attention

Rational Tutorial’s Edge :  At Rational we make sure that equal attention is given to all students and in case a student is not able to catch up or in some cases wants to study higher level we give extra time to both. No seperate dedicated doubt sessions:- Many of the institutes donor have dedicated doubt sessions and as a result the student’s doubts gets pilled up.

Rational Tutorial’s Edge :  We have a teaching policy where there is a doubt session after a specific homework period.Moreover a student can also ask any faculty to give fixed time for his or her doubt clearing.

No Video Lectures At Rational Tutorial’s:-

While some institutes have started taking video lectures where students have to watch video and the faculty is present at some far away location. This is highly detrimental as the student are not able to get their doubts cleared. At Rational we have only live lectures and absolutely discourage video lecture culture. Based on above factor we ensure that we deliver the best results for you.
I assure you that with the level of dedication and attention to details given at our institute you will achieve the best result among your peers who follow the rat-race mentality and join coaching based on herd-psychology. While this might help it buying a I-Phone but when it comes to education one should follow their own wits and explore to find the best coaching.
And I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that Rational stands out from others and is the best amongst all. I hope that I have presented my case for you joining Rational Tutorials well and would request you to contact us and if possible visit us at any of our center’s. And i am quite confident that you will join us and become a part of Rational Family. Best Wishes, .


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